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Graduate Students


Ehren Bentz (Ph.D. Student, bentze@science.oregonstate.edu):

Studying the biochemistry of vomeronasal chemoreception in garter snakes, focusing primarily on genes and proteins expressed in the Harderian gland and their interactions with vomeronasal receptor proteins responsible for the detection of sex pheromones and prey kairomone signals.



Leslie Blakemore (M.S. Student, blakemol@science.oregonstate.edu):

Investigating comparative behavior and endocrinology of red-sided and plains garter snakes, particularly transitions between courtship and feeding behaviors. Research interests also include immunology.


David Hubert (Ph.D. Student, hubertd@onid.oregonstate.edu): 

Research interests include the genetic and transcriptional basis for thermal tolerance and its role in hibernation and reproduction in Red-sided garter snakes.